Greater Boston Council on Alcoholism, Inc.
Applying for a grant

GBCA accepts the Associated Grantmakers
Cover Page
1.  Legal name of organization, address, telephone number, website, email address, and name of Executive Director 
2.  Contact person for this request and their contact information
3.  Summary of this proposal and link with GBCoA
4.  Proposal's target population, constituents, and geographic communities
5.  Total cost of of project, and amount requested
6. Total annual organizational budget, Fiscal year end
7.  Ways to measure program's success
8.  Period of time this grant will cover
9.  Other funding applied for
10. Is organization funded by United Way?

Proposals should be concise, not to exceed two pages. See guidelines below.

501 (c)(3) Determination letter (scanned)
Organization's overall budget
Audited Financials from most recent year (scanned)
List of Board of Directors

Submit your proposal and addendum to

The Grants Manager will notify you

when your grant application is received.

Progress and final reports required!

If you receive a grant from GBCoA (grants are issued in the summer), you are required to submit a progress report on how you are using your funding, by March 31 the following year.  You may send your letter via email and address it to "Trustees" - we'll make sure the right board member gets it.


Final reports are required to be submitted a year from when the grant check was rewarded. Reporting must be completed before GBCoA considers another grant request from your organization.

Please Note
All proposals and attachments
MUST be submitted on-line.
Grants may be submitted
in the fourth quarter of the year
for Board review.

The next deadline for funding is December 31, 2017
(funds are awarded the following summer )

For questions and grant submission:
Guidelines for evaluation
Grants will be awarded in the overall general areas of education, prevention, and research and awarded on the basis of overall excellence.

Critereria for judging grant proposals

1.  Significance

> What is the public health importance of the topic area?
> If the goals of the application are accomplished, what would be the benefit to the target population? What would be the benefit to society as a whole?

> Can the applicant accomplish the stated goals of the application?
>  Are the stated goals achieveable within the timeframe and budget allowed by GBCoA?
>  Is the connection clearly and convincingly established of the relevance of the proposal to alcoholism?

> Has GBCoA funded the organization in the past? Have timely progress reports and final reports been submitted?
>  Will GBCoA funds requested for this project make a meaningful contribution to the accomplishment of the goals of this project?